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Are you looking for high quality Construction Steel For Extensions And Building Work.  If you require structural steel in Bromley, London or the surrounding areas, get in touch today.

Steel Beams London are the leading steel stockholders for Bromley, London. Conveniently located to serve across London and throughout the M25 corridor into Kent and the home counties.

We have over 30 year's experience and are proud to stock a wide range of construction steel for extensions and building work. Our professional in-house team can fabricate the steel to your bespoke requirements.

We deliver to all  counties surrounding the M25 including Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire.

 From cut-to-size RSJ beams to complex pre-fabricated structures, we supply to public and trade. Customer service is at the heart of our service and our friendly team are knowledgeable and always happy to help in any way possible.

We are able to produce 3D rendering and accurate estimated quotes based any work drawings, either by an engineer or an Architect. Our speedy turnaround time means you can rest at ease knowing there will be minimum delays to your project, large or small. All of our produces are fully CE compliant so quality is always guaranteed.

RSJ Beam Suppliers

Rolled Steel Joists, commonly referred to as RSJ beams or "I/H" beams due to their distinct shape, are one of the most common types of steel to be used in structural construction. 

The specially engineered shape offers maximum structural integrity for the material and it's mass and physical properties. Because of their shearing resistance and load-bearing properties, they are a fundamental component to commercial and industrial structures where portal frames are common practice.

RSJs are generally supplied in industry standard cross-section dimensions and can be cut to any length required. Here at Steel Beams London we stock almost size of RSJ imaginable, ideal for any project you have in mind. We can also provide a fabrication service with our in-house team, offering an efficient service which helps your project complete on time. We are your first choice in RSJ beam suppliers. With us you are guaranteed a quality product, speedy delivery, and also our extensive experience in the industry.

RSJ Beam Suppliers
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Universal Beam Sizes

Because of their versatility in many types of civil engineering and construction, RSJs with certain proportions are sometimes referred to as "universal beams". Typically supplied in industrial standard sizes for ease of sourcing and application, though there are exceptions for bespoke projects. Universal beams are identified as being thicker in depth for load-bearing purposes. The flanges are also typically shorter to minimise bending. 

Universal beam sizes vary greatly depending on the project and its requirements. It's important that the correct size beam is chosen to ensure maximum structural integrity. These are usually specified by a qualified structural engineer or architectural technician and will be supplied in a specification document or details on the working plans. 

We can use the drawings to provide an accurate quote to the quantity required more often than not offer next day delivery. All of our beams are CE compliant to Class 3- it's legally required for any construction project to use CE compliant steel and a breach could mean forced removal, even if the project has already finished.

Universal Steel Beams Essex

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Steel Beam Calculator

The dimensional requirements of structural steel beams can be calculated by factors such as the load distribution and deflection limits. Usually the structural engineer will identify these values and enter them into a steel beam calculator to return a list of probable values for the dimensions of the beams. This can range from 127mm to 1016mm in depth based on Part 1 of the BS4 table, which outlines standard industry dimensions.

The dimensions of a steel beam which needs calculating is usually the cross section. The length can easily be deduced from the working plans and cut to measure. Factors which influence the the dimension include the applied load and its distribution, the span of the building and the distance between beams. Safety factors such as variable load, such as additional furniture is also important to consider. The deflection limit is often set at a standard figure unless otherwise specified. With these figures, a structural engineer will be presented a minimum and maximum value for each dimension such the width of the web or the depth of the flanges. They can then refer to the BS4 table and select the suitable sized beam for the project.

Builders Steel Girders

Because of their versatility, RSJs are largely used in commercial and industrial buildings. They often utilise portal frame structures which offer a wide open floor plan, ideal for factories with large machinery or shop floor with open aisles. RSJ beams are columns offer maximum efficiency in a portal frame structure because of their shapes. Because of the vast and common use in commercial structures, it's also commonly referred to as builder's steel girders because it's a product rarely sought by public customers for domestic dwellings.

Steel Beams London have over 30 year's experience in the steel-stocking, and immensely proud of our continuous delivery of high quality products and service. We also stock other cuts of steel other than RSJs; these include but are not limited to: angles, box sections and parallel flange channels. These are all commonly used in different aspects of construction. Our convenient location next to the M25/A2 means we are able to offer our services across London and the home counties, including Hertfordshire, Surrey and Essex. Our rapid service has been one of our main forte, aiming for a turnaround time of 24 hours or less in most cases. 

RSJ Beam Cost

After determining the dimension and quantity of steel beams needed, the quantity surveyor can begin calculating costs of materials. They often use the industry standard guide to help estimate the price of the project and set a budget for each part of the construction. This information can then be used to reference tenders from builders and trade suppliers. 

It's worth remembering the additional costs of a steel structure such as padstones, the connections and of course the cost of labour. If you are purchasing a cut to length steel beam, there will be additional costs to fabricate the beam. Steel stockholders such as ourselves offer an in-house fabrication service. This helps to encourage a smooth construction process as there are minimal to no delays between delivery and erection. In addition, Steel Beams London are leaders in the industry and offer competitive quotes with no compromise on quality, which may help reduce the RSJ beam cost of your project.

steel frame of a roof cutting a steel beam to length steel frame structure

Reducing The Cost Of Steel In Your Building Project

Insufficient budget and funding are amongst the main reasons why building projects are hindered, or even abandoned after work has begun. This can be a result of unexpected circumstances, or a mishap in the estimation of the cost of the project. The job of the quantity surveyor is to manage the finances of the project and this includes reducing the cost of steel in your building project wherever possible. Of course any savings need to be made on the basis that doesn't compromise the structural integrity or bring risk to the health and safety of the construction crew, or the building's occupants.

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Our extensive experience in the industry means we are able to offer you advise on materials which could help to reduce the cost. We aim to produce a quote for a project within 24 hours using our expertise.

Our prices are competitive with a rapid turnaround time which helps to reduce disruption and delays in the project. We can also fabricate the beams prior to delivery, and if needs be, erect them on site to ensure the project stays within predetermined time frames. Delays in a construction project can be costly particularly if it happens in the early stages as it has a knock-on effect to the following stages. 

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