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Steel Frame Extensions

Bromley and London

If you require steel frame extensions in Bromley and London we design and deliver bespoke structural steel to your site. We offer RSJ steel for domestic and commercial building projects.

Steel frame structures are mostly found in industrial or storage space buildings. But lately, more individuals are utilising steel structures in household structure too. We find a lot of projects today use steel in extensions and conversions of the home.

A steel frame building is just one of the most recent selections that are now available to anyone aiming to create or acquire a brand-new house. Similar to many points, steel frame buildings arrive with both benefits and negative aspects.

Steel Frame Construction Advantages And Disadvantages

With any home, there is constantly the difficulty that pests may discover their means right into the structure of your home. Steel structures can have some if the identical insect troubles as another type of dwellings, but there are still some advantages. With a steel frame, the insects will not make a nest. Hence the functional problems that pests often beginning to timber borders will not take place.

Benefits Of Steel-Frame Construction

Toughness, and weight

Steel studs are lighter and more powerful compared to timber items.  In contrast to what most people believe, steel studs weight 30-50% less than wood.

Dimension and high quality

Steel studs can be found in various sizes, reacting to most typical basic practices and sizes of timber studs;

Termite and fire-resistance

Steel is termite-resistant and fairly resistant to fire though not fireproof. Once a fire started, steel studs can collapse.

Dampness resistance

Steel is moisture-resistant.

Interior dividing walls.Steel studs are a great option for indoor partition walls, where the conductivity of steel doesn't matter. Steel framework can integrate with wood-frame or other building system. That's a means of conquering the reduced thermal resistance of steel while gaining from its benefits.


Thermal conductivity.Heat transfer through the steel studs can lower the general R-value of walls by 50%.

The only method of overcoming this disadvantage is via high degrees of shielded sheathing. This is a thick and continuous layer of a foam board all over the wall surfaces.

Construction times.Because nails cannot be used with steel, connecting sheathing and wood elements to steel will slow down construction times. Links end up being more powerful. This is because screws and various other bolts need to be made use of rather than nails, which raises construction times.

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