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Steel Structure Design

Bromley and London

If you require steel structure design within the Bromley and London areas, we can help. We deliver bespoke steel structures to suit your requirements.

Architects and designers employ steel beam design in residences for both beams and columns because it's so solid. You can commonly hold up the same load with timber. But you require even more of it. Normally the dimension of a timber light beam is a lot larger than a steel I beam, that's standing up the same amount of weight. 

Termites and various other wood-destroying insects don't consume steel. So that's a distinct advantage if you desire certain parts of your home to remain standing.

You can often replace a wood beam for a structural steel beam. If you desire to do this, be sure you have a structural designer or an engineer, specify the material and the required supports. If you do make use of steel, pay very close attention to the steel beam support links. The links between the beam and columns must be safe and secure.

Lightweight Steel Frame Construction UK

Building with our lightweight steel frames and steel light beams is a popular choice. There are several construction and environmental benefits when compared to timber or various other materials.  Light-weight steel structures are stronger. They are economical, sturdy and a lot easier to install because of their lowered weight.

The construction industry has seen a sharp rise in the application of cold-rolled steel sections. It has also used more lightweight steel mounting systems in modern construction over the last few years.

This is set to increase as brand-new innovations begin to supersede the more standard building approaches. This will fulfil demand for increased development. There is also improved guidelines and performance specifications.

Also, design and architectural difficulties of an expanding eco support. Construction needs to be environmentally responsible. These construction strategies are variables driving the wider use cold rolled steel areas.

Building with our steel frameworks also offers a versatility seldom located in structure style. The expertise, devices and technical knowledge we have allows us to adjust our metal beams and frames into the shape and style you require. Consequently, this allows you to choose the finish that you want. This can be done without needing to compromise due to material limitations.

For steel structure design in Bromley and London, contact 020 831 186 42 to provide your bespoke steel project.