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Structural Steel Frames

Bromley and London

Steel Beams London offer structural steel frames throughout Bromley, London and the areas surrounding the M25. This includes: Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire

Steel construction is frequently used in:

  • High buildings as a result of its strength, low weight, and rate of construction
  • Industrial structures as a result of its ability to produce big span spaces at low costs
  • Warehouse structures
  • Residential buildings in a strategy called light gauge steel construction
  • Short-term Structures like these are quick to set up and dismantle

Steel Frame Construction Advantages

 Many steel construction is made with a kind of steel called light steel. Light steel is a material that is very strong. Take a round bar of steel 1 inch/ 25mm in size. If you were to affix this bar safely to your ceiling, you could hang from it 20,000 Kg (which is 20 tons). 

The steel framework is a sensible, code approved option. It solves much of the restrictions that contractors face today with standard building materials. Steel Frame Construction Details include calculating:

  • Long-term maintenance costs are decreased because steel is immune to rot, mould and mildew, termite and insect infestation.
  • Good indoor air top quality (IAQ) is advertised because steel does not emit volatile organic substances (VOCs).
  • Steel is "Green" since it contains a minimum of 25% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.
  • Steel framework has proven efficiency in high wind and seismic areas.

For these factors and lots of others, using steel framing continues to expand yearly. More than 40% of commercial structures now use steel frameworks. Almost 500,000 homes have been built with steel framework over the past decade.

Methods Of Construction Of Steel Frame Structure

Joints in structures have been presumed to behave as either pinned or inflexible. This makes calculations in the design convenient.

In basic designs, the joints are idealised as perfect pins. Continuous design predicts that joints are rigid. It is assumed that no relative turning of connected members occurs whatever the used minute.

The huge bulk of designs executed today make one of these two presumptions. A more reasonable option is now possible, which is known as semi-continuous design.

The resistance of the structure to sway and lateral loads need to be calculated. This is typically made certain by the arrangement of bracing or by concrete cores in some multi-storey structures.

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